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By now there is simply no denying that nanotechnology will be the next game changer. Not just in industries and businesses but in life, as we know it.

In fact, nanotechnology has already begun changing lives, all for the better.

The power and potential of nanotechnology has become evident to innovators and manufacturers across the globe. Scientists and engineers of leading brands in every imaginable sector – from beauty and fashion to medicine and transport – are harnessing the properties of nanotechnology to drive major changes in their product line.

These high-impact changes to their products have spelt equally impressive changes to the bottom lines of these global conglomerates with hundreds of millions in additional revenue stemming from nanotechnology advancements.

The nanotechnology scene is zooming forwards and as a savvy businessman myself, I do feel duty bound to urge every one of you to hop onto this money train before it leaves the station on its way to prosperity town.

However, before you rush out to buy a ticket, perhaps its best you open up this travel guide in to the vast and wonderful world of nanotechnology.

A Traveller’s Guide to Nano

For the uninitiated adventurer, a brief description is a must.

Nanotechnology is science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nano-scale (a nanometre is a thousand-millionth of a metre).

Working at the nano-scale brings along a variety of benefits, including being able to attribute higher strength, lighter weight, increased control of light spectrum, and greater chemical reactivity to objects and products.

Tinkering and tailoring in this way has given rise to astounding new inventions and an astonishingly rapid rise in income.

So, if fame and fortune is what you seek, than perhaps it is wise for you to seek out that train conductor and make nanotechnology your next destination. 

Of Speed and Slopes

Curious as to just how fast this nano train is going? Well right here in Asia there is a projected compound annual growth rate of 22.9% over the next five years.

And what about how high up it will travel? You might want to strap in for this news – nanotechnology will reach dizzying heights with the global industry set to reach RM313 billion by next year!

The forecast is looking equally rosy for us locals, with the nanotechnology industry right here in Malaysia projected to cross RM3.3 billion in Gross National Income within the next five years.

Top Attractions on the Nano Journey

But what are the sights and sounds that you can look forward to on your journey on the nano express? What are the stops that you absolutely must make if you’re looking for the very best experiences on offer? 

A key attraction of nanotechnology is its incredible versatility and dynamism. Nanotechnology has found applications across all the science fields such as chemical, bio-medical, mechanics, and material science among others.

The top three industries, when it comes to nanotechnology, are electronics, energy and biomedical. Together, they account for an over 70% share of the global nanotechnology market.

Other travel highlights on the nano tour would include cosmetics, communications, medicines, transportation, agriculture, materials & manufacturing, consumer products, and households.

For the keen traveller looking to learn more about how these attractions came to be and where they might be headed, let us look at some of the factors propelling these industries forward.

When it comes to medicine, nanoparticles are paving the way for a bold new future in treating illnesses, particularly in delivering drugs to specific cells in human bodies. This potential is evident with over 7,000 new compounds under development with 56 new pharmaceuticals.

Looking to the stars, carbon nanotubes and nanocomposites in airframe manufacturing coupled with the need to reduce the consumption of fuel are key driving forces in growing nanotechnology within the aerospace industry.

Meanwhile, another must see destination is the defence industry, which was valued at nearly US$3 billion in 2017. To improve the capabilities of submerged and marine combat platforms, the defence sector of countries across the globe will start adopting nanotechnology.

These are but some of the many highlights as the nano train steams ahead to the final destination of prosperity.

Your Preferred Partner – NanoVerify

So now with your head full of knowledge and heart full of excitement about our bright nano future, it is time to pack your bags and hop on the train.

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With NanoVerify’s market leader status and key industry experience, you are sure to secure the best seats and the best views on your journey to prosperity town for nanotechnology.

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