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NanoVerify Sdn. Bhd. (NVSB), a wholly-owned company under NanoMalaysia Berhad (NMB), an agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) is mandated to monitor and facilitate nanotechnology development and commercialization in Malaysia. NVSB has been delegated by NMB to fully operate Malaysia's first and only nano certification programme owned by them, known as the NANOVerify Programme.

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Our Vision

To be a reference body for nanotechnology certification and consultation in Asia by 2025.

Our Mission

To facilitate and expedite the growth of nanotechnology in Malaysia by enhancing consumer trusts in nanotechnology and facilitating the adoption of it through our professionalism and seamless services.


Datuk Fadilah

Datuk Fadilah Binti Baharin, FASc


Datuk Fadilah has recently opted for early retirement from the civil service on 1 Feb 2020. Her last employment was as the Director General of the national standards and accreditation body, Standards Malaysia, a federal government agency under MITI. She served as the Director General from 2006 until 1 Feb 2020. When she was at the helm of Standards Malaysia for 14 years, Fadilah played a critical role in positioning Malaysian capabilities and potential, through her strong advocacy for standards, quality, certification, and accreditation for local and global competitiveness.

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From the 6,000 Malaysia Standards developed, Fadilah has succeeded in working together with many industry and government stakeholders including regulators and enforcement agencies in ensuring that standards are enforced for the safety of people and protection of the environment. Examples of Malaysia Standards developed and has created high impact for Malaysia are in mitigating earthquake, universal design standards for vulnerable people, safe playgrounds, cyber security, edible birds nest, MSPO (Malaysia Sustainability Palm Oil) certification, madu kelulut etc etc. Fadilah has a strong passion for “halal” activities too. Most notable, she successfully developed the first halal standard, MS 1500 in 2004 entitled “Halal Food – Production, Preparation, Handling And Storage – General Guidelines” that is currently being used everywhere in the world apart from Malaysia. Her last halal standard during her tenure as Director General was the launch of MS 2636 in Jan 2020 for Halal Medical Devices. To date, 15 halal standards ranging from food right up to lifestyle have been developed and used, not only by JAKIM in Malaysia for certification but also countries such as Australia, Brazil and Japan as well as international organisations including the OIC SMIIC (Standards & Metrology Institute of the Islamic Countries). Fadilah was a member Board of Directors of the OIC Standards Body SMIIC for the term 2018 – 2020. Due to her enormous contribution on halal, in 2016, she was awarded “Tokoh Maulidur Rasul” at the National Level by HRH the Yang di Pertuan Agong.

In the world of standards, Fadilah is a strong advocator for the brand “Creating a Quality Culture” targeting the young and future generation. Amongst the most popular national program that catches the attention of young Malaysians is the National Standards Olympiad which she hopes will become one of the national icon program for our children. 2 of 2 Recognising the importance of accreditation for laboratories or facilities that provide testing services in Malaysia, Fadilah has created the Persatuan Makmal Akreditasi Malaysia (PMAM) in 2015. Datuk Fadilah’s vision in establishing the PMAM is to have an official platform for the labs/facilities to get together and in turn they will be able to grow and prosper together in their businesses both locally and abroad.

She also succeeded in getting Malaysia to be granted signatory status to Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA) of two international accreditation bodies ie International Lab Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Besides executing the functions as mandated by the Standards of Malaysia Act 1996 (Act 549), she has extensive experience in international negotiations including the Malaysia-US Free Trade Agreement Negotiation for the Technical Barriers to Trade Chapter. Fadilah’s active involvement at regional levels of ASEAN and APEC; as well as at international levels of ISO, IEC and WTO/TBT has placed her to become a member in the international policy forum ie the ISO Council for the terms 2013 – 2015 and 2017 – 2019. She also sat as a member of the ISO Advisory Group to the Chair of a Policy Committee for Developing Countries. During her tenure at the ISO Council 2013 – 2015, she played a vital role in institutionalising, for the first time ever, the ISO regional office out from Geneva, ie Singapore.

Known to be a thorough professional, Fadilah promotes values of commitment, cohesiveness, and credibility at her workplace, positively influencing good governance, economic performance, national development and above all, the people’s well-being. Fadilah graduated from the Salford University, England in Health & Environmental Physics (majoring in nuclear power radiation protection) in 1984. She attended the Premium Business Management Program by Harvard Business School in 2010; as well as attended the Senior Leadership Program: Branding Leaders, Branding the Nation organised by the Razak School of Government (RSOG) in partnership with Said Business of Oxford University in 2015. In 2013, she was conferred by the Rt Hon Prime Minister of Malaysia as a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences (ASM) carrying the title FASc

Mohd Yusof Bin Hussian

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Mohd Yusof bin Hussian, CA (Malaysia), FCCA (UK), MCIPS (UK), CFP (USA), is currently the Non-Executive Chairman of Tune Insurance Malaysia Berhad, an associate Company of Air Asia Group i.e. (the largest public-listed subsidiary company under Tune Protect Group Berhad). He was initially appointed Chairman of the Audit Committee (BAC) but promoted to Chairman of the Board in 2015 and still remains a member of Audit, Risk Management, Nomination, Remuneration (NRC) and Investment Committees since 2012.

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He is also currently an independent non-executive director (INED) of Boilermech Holdings Berhad (a public-listed associate Company of QL Resources Berhad) where he is a member of the Audit and Nomination Committees. Yusof is also an independent non-executive director of Proton-Commerce, a joint-venture Sdn Bhd between Proton and CIMB. In January 2019, Yusof latest appointment was as an INED, Chairman of BAC and member of NRC of NanoMalaysia Berhad a public company limited by Guarantee and fully owned by the Government.


Prof. Emeritus Datuk Dr. Marimuthu Nadason

Independent Non-Executive Director

Prof. Emeritus Datuk Dr Marimuthu Nadason is currently the President of Consumers International, and the Federation of Malaysian Consumer Association (FOMCA).

He is an advocate and leader in the field of consumerism and social development. He is Chairman for the Malaysian Standards and Accreditation Council (MSAC), and the Board of Directors at the National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC). He has served as the Chairman of the National Consumer Advisory Council of the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism.

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Prof. Emeritus Datuk Dr Marimuthu is past Chairperson for the Asian Partnership for Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia (AsiaDHRRA) and also the Co-Chair for the Asian Network for Consumer Participation in Standardization (ANCO). He has presented papers at national and international conferences on various aspects of consumerism and standards development.

Dr. Daniel Bien Chia Sheng

Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

Dr. Daniel was appointed as Vice President, Innovation Office of Nano Malaysia Berhad in March 2015. He was previously with MIMOS Berhad, as the Head of Nanoelectronics Centre of Excellence, where he focused in driving the National Nanoelectronics Roadmap. Prior to that, Dr. Daniel was the R&D Specialist at Philips Lumileds Lighting Company Sdn Bhd, overseeing all developments of silicon based LED products in Malaysia. He has chaired the National Mirror Committee for the International Electrotechnical Committee, IEC TC-113 on Nanotechnology Standardisation for Electrical and Electronic Product and Systems for Malaysia from 2010 to 2015 and has filed more than 50 international patents and technical publications respectively. Dr. Daniel has a Ph.D in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Queen’s University, Belfast, United Kingdom.

Johan Iskandar Hasan

Managing Director

Johan Iskandar Hasan is the Managing Director of NanoVerify Sdn Bhd (NVSB), the first and only Malaysian Nanotechnology verification agency endorsed by the Government of Malaysia. One of NVSB’s main objectives is to facilitate the sales of genuine Nanotechnology products, ensuring that both consumers and industry are protected against false Nanotechnology claims.

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Before heading NVSB, Johan was involved in various technological industries including Oil & Gas, Robotics and Aviation, covering aspects of design, operations and regulations. Among his many professional accomplishments, include establishing a turnkey strategy for APFT Berhad (flight education and training service provider), to better market offerings, engaging a state government for projects and realising the initiatives, establishing a subsidiary company, establishing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology roadmap in FELDA, set up of smart partnerships with internationally renowned companies, obtaining  the  Permit  To  Fly  and  Certificate  of Registration of Aircraft for PETRONAS’ UAVs, which is the first approval of its kind in the world for a civilian UAV.

His vast technical experience in these fields is further complimented by his commercial skill sets honed during his time in various listed companies. He is highly motivated and goal-orientated, therefore possesses a variety of core strengths which include communications, adaptable to changing market requirements and hands-on approach to managing issues and challenges.

A St John’s High School alumni, Johan graduated with a degree in Master of Engineering, Civil and Structural from University of London. He also holds a private pilot’s licence issued by DCA and is a certified aircraft maintenance engineer.