Name of company Ligno Biotech Sdn Bhd
Name of product Cordyceps sinensis (LiGNO OCS02®)
Certified no NT 2020007
Products descriptionLiGNO OCS02® is the freeze-dried powder of cultivated O.sinensis fruiting body produced using our proprietary solid stage fermentation technology. It is suitable for vegetarians as no insect material is used in the culture medium. O.sinensis has been known as an effective tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine for illnesses including respiratory, renal, liver, cardiovascular diseases and immune disorders. It is also known as “Himalayan Viagra” with aphrodisiac potential. LiGNO OCS02® is a full spectrum (inclusive of the fruiting body) O.sinensis powder. The authentication of LiGNO OCS02® is confirmed by genetic identification. The bioactivities are comparable to the wild type O.sinensis. It is 100% vegetarian friendly. Health benefits: A natural aphrodisiac ,improves blood circulation ,hypolipidemic & hypoglycemic, supports kidney’s health, reduces frequent urination problem, reduces fatigue & improves stamina, as an adjunct to cancer treatments.
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Contact Person In-charge Nurin Aqilah (012-2640955)
Expired date 01/03/2023

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