Name of the company:Airestec Sdn Bhd
Name of product:Nano BMED
Certified No.:NV000044
Product Description:It is specifically Researched & Developed for HVAC/Air-Conditioning/Refrigeration De-Contamination of Cooling Coils, Heat Exchange. It is pH 7.0 (Neutral) – readily bio-degradable, non-corrosive, non-destructive to aluminium substrates, components, rubber, plastic and prolong equipment life (prevent asset damage). Help owners and managers to protect their assets. Safe for occupants & present no threat to nature, water table, eco/aqua systems, wastewater systems & beneficial to the environment. Acid, Alkaline, causes oxidizes, pitted, corrosion, thinner, brittle and break-off, thereby reduce the system efficiency & design. Conventional cleaning with acid or alkaline chemicals will regenerate again very quickly, through compaction deeper into the substrate thereby, not solving your problems. Broad spectrum multi-enzymes penetrates, breakdown and release bio-film (jelly) bonds, bacteria, fungal, mould & algae from any aqueous substrates and allows it to be flushed out easily without damaging any of the equipment and maintain airflow as designed. Guarantee to clear blocked coils. Design as the vital first step to source removal. By using enzymes instead of chemicals, we can maintain the living standards we have today and at the same time preserve the environment for our future generation. 

– Better Hygiene & In-Depth Cleaning
– Safe for Occupants & UsersNeutral pH, Non-IrritantExtending life of equipment & installationsNon-aggressive for the equipment and facilities
– Cost & Time saving
– Positive impact on Environment
– Sustainability
– Readily Biodegradable1 
Person In charge:Nurul Adrina Binti Mohd Nasir (Product Engineer)03 6203 1923
Expiry Date:Not available
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