Malaysia’s Health Landscape – a Sugary Minefield?

With World Health Day having just passed, it is high time for us, as a nation, to reflect on how we are doing health wise.

Health is a critical component to Malaysia’s continued effort to climb the global economic ladder, greatly impacting our economic potential, overall expenditure, population growth rates, nationwide effectiveness and output to name a few. Worryingly the prognosis for our nation’s health is not looking good.

As recent reports indicate, Malaysia is in the midst of a diabetes pandemic. Pandemic is not an exaggeration; Malaysia is No.1 in Asia in terms of diabetes rates with close to 3.5 million adult cases of diabetes translating to a prevalence rate of 16.9% of the population.

Diabetes is known as the silent killer, with few noticeable symptoms yet the potential to give rise to a plethora of deadly complications including cardiovascular diseases (the number one cause of deaths in Malaysia), nerve damage, depression and obesity (yet another dangerous list which Malaysia sits high up on). 

The danger of diabetes has already been acknowledge by parliament with the impending implementation of the sugar tax, but more still needs to be done, not only in terms of awareness but also in terms of management and treatment.

This is where the power of nanotechnology comes into the picture.

The Nano Solution to Malaysia’s Mega Diabetes Dilemma
Nano-scientists manipulate materials at the nano-level altering physical properties and qualities, giving rise to a wide-array of new applications that are already benefiting a variety of industries.

One such sector is healthcare with nanotechnology paving the way for new methods of diagnosis – molecular contrast agents that help in cancer detection; monitoring – through nano-enhanced wearables; and treatment – through nano-sized carriers that effectively pass the blood brain barrier to improve efficacy.

But the potential of nanotechnology goes beyond hospitals. Staying on the topic of diabetes lets look at how nanotechnology is changing the very core of sugar.

Despite knowing the dangers sugar poses, many of us find it a struggle to wean off it and while alternatives have been developed – to varying levels of success, nothing has quite managed to take the place of conventional sugar.

Until now that is. Malaysia’s very own P3 Sweetener is a flag-bearer within the high-potential sector of nano-sugar, an invention that holds great promise in addressing the country’s growing diabetes problem.  
P3 Sweetener’s Liquid Drop is an all-natural sugar alternative derived from sugarcane extract using nanotechnology processes. Its natural source means it avoids the setbacks of artificial sweeteners meanwhile its nanotechnology methods help eliminate the negative carbon from sugarcane thereby curbing the drawbacks of conventional sugar.

But what exactly is nano-sugar, how does it work and why is it so important?

By manufacturing the product at a nano-scale, the team has increased the surface area of each particle multiple-fold leading to a product that is five times more concentrated than conventional sugar. This means that only 1/5 the amount of product needs to be used for an equal impact.
The nano-scale of the product also has additional benefits that are truly meaningful in combatting the deteriorating health condition of Malaysians including a zero glycaemic index, zero, sucrose, fructose, saccharin, aspartame and cholesterol.
In fact, research has shown an overall reduction in blood glucose levels through continued use of the Liquid Drop particularly amongst diabetic patients.

Importantly, in a world where an increasing number of products are claiming to be “nano” – P3 Sweetener’s Liquid Drop is actually NanoVerified.

This means that consumers can be confident of getting a genuine nanotechnology-enhanced product when they purchase it and not have to worry about being fooled or conned into an ineffective and unnecessarily expensive rip-off.

Nanotechnology is truly changing our world in every aspect and nowhere is this more evident that in the food we eat.
With World Health Day in mind and the worrying statistics of Malaysia’s health ringing in your ears, I urge you to take advantage of the innovations that nanotechnology is bearing upon us.  Switch to nano-sugar, try the Liquid Drop and experience a world where the sour side-effects of sugar are eliminated yet all the sweet-goodness is preserved.

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