The New World of Nanotechnology: Protecting Your Consumer Rights
By now we are all familiar with the vast applications and limitless potential of Nanotechnology. It has the power to be a true game changer, positively impacting the lives of billions whether it is in manufacturing, healthcare, food and more.
This immense potential has generated significant excitement and demand from consumers around the world for products enhanced with nanotechnology.
However, this growing excitement and demand has also left the door open to predatory companies and manufacturers. Just like any other relatively new industry there is sky-high excitement but relatively low levels of genuine understanding.
This unique scenario has created a void where the uninitiated can be easily manipulated into purchasing products that are counterfeit, disingenuous or even harmful.

The Dangers of being Deceived

These deceitful companies have been quick to spot this growing trend of demand and unfortunately even quicker to attempt to jump on the bandwagon without actually investing the money, time, expertise and resources to truly develop nanotechnology infused products.

In other words, these companies are simply appropriating the term “nano” to falsely position their product as having been enhanced by nanotechnology. Utilising it as a buzzword to drive consumer curiosity and demand without any form of certification or verification as to the veracity of their nanotechnology claim.

These products can emerge from a variety of industries including cosmetics, skincare, automotive, surface coatings or even textiles. And worryingly, there have already been cases of consumers being negatively impacted by products that claimed to be “nano”, from mild scarring to more harmful effects such as severe breathing difficulties.

The Malaysian Scenario

Here in Malaysia, the nanotechnology scene is still relatively new but already the amount of nano-products is increasing with over 600 different products purporting to be nano-enhanced.

I am sure most of you have spotted products with the word “nano” in its name as you walk down the aisle at your local supermarket or pharmacy. However, the likelihood that these products actually being certified to truly contain nanotechnology elements may be lower than you think.

To be a smart consumer, my advice is to not blindly trust brands or product names, instead go a step further to check if it has truly been verified to safeguard your wallet as well as your health.

Want to find out how? Read on to learn the one simple step you can take to better protect yourself against predatory companies and their products that claim to be nano-enhanced.

Protect yourself. Know your rights.

To ensure that the nano-products you purchase actually have genuine nanotechnology incorporated in it, all you have to do is look for the NanoVerify mark.

Facilitated by NanoVerify Sdn Bhd, the NanoVerify mark is Malaysia’s first and only nanotechnology verification mark. It guarantees that the product bearing the mark has genuine nanotechnology elements within the 1 to 100-nanometre range.
 NanoVerify ensures the veracity of a product’s nano-claims by conducting thorough research and testing. This means you can rest assured that a product with the NanoVerify mark will genuinely contain nanotechnology elements.
 So just as how you would look for the SIRIM logo to learn of the overall safety and quality of an electrical product or look for the Halal logo to find out the Halal-status of a product, look out for the NanoVerify mark to ensure you are not manipulated by products who falsely use the “nano” title in their product.
 Additionally, consumers can also diligently monitor the ingredients in the products prior to making a purchase. When it comes to nanotechnology products, spend some time to research the products and its claims. If what is claims to do is too good to be true, more often than not this is actually the case.
 If you are unsure about the status of a purported nanotechnology product, contact NanoVerify and they will be able to better advise you on the status of said product.
Furthermore, consumer pressure can be highly effective, and requesting the manufacturer to be verified before purchasing any of their items is a good way to hold these companies accountable for the products they put out.
 Nanotechnology is a great advancement tool for many industries. However, it is not exempt from predatory companies that seek to take advantage of uninformed consumers. Education is key to removing as much risk as possible from nanotechnology. Holding these predatory companies accountable is a group effort, starting from the founders of these companies themselves to the consumers who buy their products, and is an effort that will grant future consumers a safer market.
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