NanoVerify Programme

NANOVerify Programme is a voluntary certification programme for processes and products with claims of nano-elements in the range of 1 to 100 nm (“nm” referring to nanometre), as well as performance enhancements related to such elements.

This programme is driven by NANO Verify Sdn. Bhd (NVSB) in collaboration with SIRIM QAS International.


The certification’s main objectives is to:


Control The False Claim Of Nanotechnology Products In The Market


Gain Public Trust In Nanotechnology And Its Benefits


Promote Local High Technology Products In The Market


Certifies The Presence And Quality Of Nanomaterial Based Products

Nano Certification Programmes Worldwide

NanoVerify is part of a network of six volunteer certification programmes

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To facilitate and expedite the growth of nanotechnology in Malaysia by enhancing consumer trusts in nanotechnology. Disclaimer and Privacy Policy 


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