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Xynergy 4T Moto R

Xynergy 4T Moto R

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Name of Company: All Season Synergy Sdn Bhd
Name of Product: XYNERGY MOTO SAE 10W-40 API SN/CF 
Certified Number: NVC000031
Product Description

Xynergy 4T Moto R is a Synthetic Blend multi-grade SAE 10W-40 motorcycle oil specially formulated with nanotechnology additive, creates a thin lubricating layer of nanoparticles on the engine parts to achieve superior performance.


  • Significantly reduce friction & engine wear.
  • Extend engine life and maintenance interval.
  • Reduce engine noise and harmful emission.
  • Protect engine cold start.
  • Improve power and torque performance.

Exceeds the following performance requirements:

  • MB 227
  • ACEA A2/B2
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Contact Person In charge

En Mohd Fauzi (012-2391350)

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