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Safi Rania Gold Concentrated Serum Plus

Safi Rania Gold Concentrated Serum Plus

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Name of Company: Wipro Unza (Malaysia) 
Name of Product: Safi Rania Gold Serum Konsentrasi Plus
Certified Number: NVC000013
Product Description
SAFI RANIA GOLD Concentrated Serum 50X* with Duo Gold 24K, a combination of Nano Gold 24K & Gold Flakes 24Kenhanced with nutrients of Beetox & Propolis:
• Beetox & Nano Gold 24K repairs and improves skin elasticity by X2**.
• Strengthens skin structure, not only protecting the outer but also the inner structure of epidermis skin layer.
• Delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Quick absorption.
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Contact Person In charge Toh Mong Sah
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