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Name of Company: NanoTextile Sdn Bhd
Name of Product: Nano-shirt
Certified Number: NVC000007
Product Description This is  not an ordinary textile, although in non-conventional advanced textile, anti-bacterial finishing textile and nanotechnology are amongst the steadily growing textile sectors. Nano-shirt eliminates unpleasant odor which is caused by bacteria. The hybrid nanotechnology solution behind this invention surpasses (more than 50 washes) the conventional and current nano-silver coating which last less washes (25 washes only) and less durable in terms of odor elimination. Nano-shirt attain excellent resistance against fungus (Grade 0) in ASTM G-21-2002 Standard Anti-Fungus Test. Hence, Nano-shirt can prevent skin rashes, allergies and dermatitis; useful for particularly skin-sensitive individuals and children. Product is verified and certified in Malaysia to be genuinely nanotechnology-based product through NANOVerify Program.
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Mr Jeff Ho (+606 252 3311)

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