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Groagro 1: Super Nano-Catalyst Kalium + T.E

Groagro 1: Super Nano-Catalyst Kalium + T.E

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Name of Company: Microwell Bio Solutions Sdn Bhd
Name of Product: Groagro 1: Super Nano-Catalyst Kalium + T.E
Certified Number: NVC000006
Product Description Advanced material formulation compound contains high organic potassium, magnesium, boron and essential trace element. Characteristics of Groagro1:
  1. Controlled-release organic fertilizer for K, Mg and B
  2. High of organic K (max 25%)
  3. High of alkalinity property (pH<11)
  4. Highly recommended for peat soil
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Tel: 03-27872611
Fax: 03-27872700

Contact Person In charge

Mohamad Shaffudin B. Mohamad Yazid

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